Top quality promotional, educational and entertainment animations for web, film and TV

Want to sell your product or service, teach a lesson or simply tell a story? Do you need to make a great first impression with your site, or catch the eye of potential customers on social media?

Whatever your requirements, with over 7 years’ experience creating fun and engaging content for a range of clients, I can provide you with an animation to suit your needs. With a team of professional animators, script writers and voice-over artists, I can bring an existing brand to life, or create a new, unique identity, working with you throughout the project to ensure the finished product makes your business stand out from the competition.

Interested? Then get in touch and we can have a chat about what I can do for you.

Promotional & Explainer Animations

Many businesses face a dilemma when deciding how to present themselves. Their site needs to instantly explain the product or service they offer, but a detailed text heavy explanation may leave many web users reaching for the back button.

Animation allows you to present new or complicated ideas in an easy to understand manner, whether it’s a slick infographic style, combining text and imagery to reinforce the message, or a friendly character animation, perhaps featuring you as the face of the business!

Adding voice over lets you explain your service in a way the written word never can. I can work with a script you provide, or offer a script writing service, to ensure the message is informative, entertaining, and leaves potential customers eager to find out more.

Educational Animations

With over 5 years’ experience creating animated content for primary and secondary education, I know first-hand how important it is to keep a student entertained while delivering the key objectives of a lesson.

Having worked with educators in a variety of subjects, including Literacy, Maths, Science, Languages and History, in the US and UK, I can create fun, engaging animation specifically tailored to your target audience.

Short Films

With experience managing and directing animation productions (including script writing, storyboarding, animation, editing and sound design), I can turn your idea into reality. So if you have a story to tell, please get in touch.


Other Animation

Animation can be a lot more than cartoons and promotional videos. Some of the other services I offer include animated logos, projections for theatre and performance art, animation for TV indents, and web and mobile animations.

Have an idea for something new? Then let me know and let's see what we can do!

Examples: Lyveden New Bield, Little Leap Forward & Deep Time Cabaret


"I commissioned Steff Lee to make an animated short for me in 2011 about the Northamptonshire writer and artist ‘BB’ (Denis Watkins-Pitchford). Not only did she produce a great end product, but was a pleasure to work with, good at leading a large team of people and very professional."

- Rosalind Stoddart, Independent Cultural Engineer.

"Steff's work is highly relevant to the startup and tech worlds, where creative marketing methods are most effective. Steff is very thorough and attentive. She listened to the requests we made, and executed them beyond what we expected. She also shares her process as she works, which allowed us to see progress, and even share it with others for fun. Not only is she a talented artist, but a conscientious businesswoman to boot."

- Curtis Smith, Co-Founder, Yeeldr

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